We are World Referendums WR Token!

Here you can initiate a referendum in a few minutes. We help democracy through blockchain technology!

Join us and become part of the ALL BEST ICO family!

Send old quantities of WP Tokens from LIVECOIN to:

All new WR Tokens will be paid back on Saturday 15.02 in ratio: old WP 1: 0.01 WR new

Then send the transaction information to an email address: office@allbestico.com
We will refund your old WP 1: 0.01 WR new to a specified ETH Address from your wallet, or you can wait to send you the amount of your new WR Address on the new exchange (we will announce the new exchange this week).
What is WR Token?

We are imposing new rules in World Referendums!

It is time for us to take important decisions as a society. Select Continent, Country, Region and Create a Referendum! Everyone will be free to give their opinion on the questions asked. To create a referendum you have to pay a one-off 300 000 WR Tokens!

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WR Token Distribution

initial distibution

  • 15% Build Up Team
  • 50% ICO Investors
  • 25% Branding & Marketing
  • 10% Bounty
Sale breakdown

Token Sales Contribution

  • 40% HR & Development
  • 30% Branding & Markting
  • 20% Posiblle Buyout
  • 10% Legal Advisory
history Timeline

Development Roadmap

core team

Our Leaders Are:

Пламен Василев

President 1

Цвети Стефанова

Prime Minister

Георги Ставрев


Иван Иванов

WR Token

World Referendums

This is a platform that aims to create the opportunity for registered users on the site to initiate referendums on public and important issues.

Everyone can vote freely, to create a referendum you have to pay a one-off 300 000 WR Tokens!

The President is voted for 2 year. He will have special privileges. You can candidacy for President only if you pay in advance 1 Millions WR Tokens from your account!

Create a Referendum! Apply for President!
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